Top 10 Hallway Table Picks Furniture For Modern Homes

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These days we take a lot of things for granted, including furniture pieces which we now perceive as very common but which have evolved over time, being shaped by our needs and by the ways in which we use them. One example is the hallway table also commonly known as a console table. It’s elongated and narrow because of the lack of space in entryways and hallways and it mixes looks and function, providing a focal and often offering a surface on which to display all sorts of decorations. Today we’ve made a selection of hallway table designs which we hope you’ll like as much as we do.

1. Elegant console table

First, a stylish and elegant console table from the Ziggy collection designed by C. Ballabio. The frame is made of canaletta walnut and the top is available in wood or marble, which gives the table a lot of character, preventing its simple and slender silhouette from being perceived as bland.

2. Catlin console

Another example of a simple but nevertheless exciting hallway table is the Catlin console which pairs an elegant metal base with an oval table top available in two rare marbles: Arabescato Purple and Sahara Noir. The marble top has a polished finish and the metal base features a cross-pattern motif with a bright chrome or gold finish.

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