Top 10 Furniture Makeover DIY Projects and Negotiation Secrets

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hrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and even Craigslist are great sources for finding old furniture pieces to remodel. Old furniture can be purchased very inexpensively and you can create beautiful pieces that look fresh and updated with just a bit of time and creativity. Imagine turning an old dresser that you bought for $20 into an entertainment unit that looks like it costs hundreds.

You just have to enjoy DIY and redoing furnishings and you can literally change any piece of furniture into something that is perfect for your home.
The next time you visit a thrift store, yard sale or anywhere that you may find furnishings, pay close attention to the price of old furniture. You may be surprised at how cheap it is. Now, start looking at pieces that you may want to redo. We have a lot of ideas for you here that will show you how to turn boring, old pieces into fabulous new creations with very little time and money.

Old furniture is great. It’s cheap and best of all, it gives you lots of opportunities to redo it the way you want. Practically any piece of furniture can be restored if you know how. Tables, dressers, chairs, really anything that you have that is old and outdated can be restored and when you do it yourself, you can save money and have pieces that you are proud to show off.

1. Refinish That Dresser Yourself – Beautiful DIY Idea for Old Furniture

Refinish That Dresser Yourself – Beautiful DIY Idea for Old Furniture
This beautiful DIY project comes from Jessica at Paint in My Hair. It’s an old bombe dresser that has been completely refurbished to make it look new. The dresser design is stunning and the grey paint really makes it stand out. It has stunning silver leafing on the sides and is coated in dark wax to give it a real antique look. You can do this technique with any old dresser that you may have and give your home an instant pick me up. Just be sure to do your painting outdoors or somewhere that is well ventilated. Mix and match the colors that you choose to create an entirely different look. The point is to have fun and make your furniture unique.
Here’s a little bombe dresser redone with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey on the body, Paris Grey & Old White Striae on the drawers, and Graphite underneath silver leafing on the details.
The entire piece was triple waxed–first Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax to seal it, Dark Soft Wax to antique it, and another coat of Clear Soft Wax to finish it up!

2. DIY Re-Upholstering – Make Your Armchair Look New Again

DIY Re-Upholstering – Make Your Armchair Look New Again
Whether you just want to give your living room furniture a new look or you have an old chair that you want to put to use, you can re-upholster your own furniture and make it look new again. Make It and Love It has proven that it is completely possible to refinish your own furniture and make it look like you bought it at a premier furniture store. This gives you an excellent opportunity to match your furniture however you want it and think about the savings that you will enjoy not having to replace your chairs so often.

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