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Office furniture can oftentimes look outdated, choosing comfort over style and function over form. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily create your own modern office, even if you’re on a budget, starting with some of our picks below. We’ve chosen a few furniture designers to highlight, with designs that will suit contemporary office spaces. Designs such as eye-catching wooden desks, iconic lounge chairs and fun(ctional) pen holders, here’s our round up of furniture designers and some products that stood out to us.


With a masculine name but female founder, furniture brand Mr Marius is a bit of a mystery but definitely intrigues us! The designs of Mr Marius are nothing short of amazing; the furniture pieces are inspired by retro interiors and are built to last. Mr Marius has recreated furniture similar to the designs they grew up with, but with a modern, interesting twist. Pieces you will want to pass onto your children and grandchildren.

Pictured: The Origami desk by Mr Marius is one of our favourite designs. With its beautiful, unusual shape and muted pop of colour, this desk will spruce up your workspace instantly! Wouldn’t this make work so much more fun? There’s a place for everything and we love the tiny drawers, perfect for the smallest office supplies.

Mr Marius designs are made from oak, sourced from European forests, finished with a pigmented hard wax oil. Their office furniture is robust yet stylish and will withstand everyday use, for many years to come.

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