8 Smart Lift-Top Furniture Coffee Table Solutions in Modern and Classic Style

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Lift-Top coffee table is one of most demanded table solutions for small spaces. And there is no surprise about it, because for everyone who has a laptop or tablet, at this table will be comfortably enjoy both – coffee and surf the Internet. It combines two tables in one- coffee table and work desk. When it is folded, it looks like an ordinary coffee table, but folded out it gives work space and in some options even dinning table.

These adjustable coffee tables vary in form, style and options and are available in the market with different features like shelves, inside storage and drawers. In forms rounded or angular with thoughtful design for different desires and needs. Therefore, this time lets briefly overlook 8 most popular lift-top coffee table solutions in modern, classic and modern classic style with different features.

1. Compact high gloss white and black lift-top coffee table

This adaptable coffee table to desk in high gloss white and black lacquer finish will be a stylish solution for any modern home. Using the lift-top, the coffee table top can be easily raised from 15 inches up to 25.5 inches high and expanded it converts into small work desk with inside storage space for reading materials or office supplies.

The adjustable height will be ideal for those who work at home and for those who have back pain because no necessary to lean over a low coffee table. Coffee table dimensions: 27.5 x 23.5 x 15 inches.

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