7 Excellent Ways to Make a Cheap Furniture Find Look More Expensive

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Whether it’s a piece of furniture you found for free on the side of the road, a hand-me-down you’ve had for ages, something you found in a really affordable big-box store or just something that feels cheap looking to you, there are some successful things you can DIY to make a piece of furniture look a lot more expensive (and personal!) to you.

1. Replace or remove hardware

Splurge on some seriously rad hardware like pulls or handles and remove the less impressive ones that the furniture piece came to you with. Just this small change will make a huge impact on the look of the piece.

2. Faux the finish

Just because the finish your furniture piece starts with is of a humble material, doesn’t mean that’s the face it has to present to the world. There are quite a few DIY projects out there that exemplify the idea of taking a faux finish to a not-so-fabulous finish and turning the entire piece into something impressive.

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