3 Convertible Tables Furniture: Smart and Modern Solutions for Small Spaces

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If you live in a small apartment or house, then probably you are also faced with the dilemma of what to buy- coffee table, dining table or better work desk? Therefore, today, let’s talk about the convertible tables furniture, which combine two or even all three variants- coffee table, dining table and even work desk.

One of the most popular companies that specialize in modern and multi-functional furniture, “Welcome to a new dimension, where everything is possible”. And, indeed, looking at their created furnishings seems surprising how a 43 cm deep and 100 cm wide table turns into a 100 cm deep and 293 cm wide dining table.

1. Convertible Tables – Coffee into Dining

Among the most popular are coffee tables that convert to dining tables. Their design and shape are different: rectangular, round, with metal or wooden legs. Materials for table tops and legs are available in a wide range, so, it can be matched with a variety of furniture and interior design styles.

These types of transformer tables all work similarly. Mainly differ in the mechanism- picks up with the touch of a dedicated button or knob. Accordingly, after the surface of the table is turned and opened as the book, resulting in a full dining table of 75 cm height. At this table can comfortably sit 4-8 people depending on design and size.

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