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If you live in a very small apartment or condo, you know just how valuable space is.  Whether you live in a tiny college dorm or in the big city where you’ve only got a few hundred square feet of room to work with, a lot of times you’re just not going to have enough space to put all of the furniture pieces that you want and still have space to walk in between.  In this post today, I talk about 18 compact furniture and accessory pieces that will help maximize your space in a small apartment – all without sacrificing functionality!

1. Bean Bag Chair

bean bag chair is such a fun addition to any living room or bedroom.  It can be easily shaped to your liking and is also super comfortable – so much that you might even accidentally fall asleep on it!  The most awesome thing about it is that it takes up so much less space than a couch so if you have very little room and you can’t fit a couch, a bean bag chair is a great substitute!

2. Saucer Chair

saucer chair, like a bean bag chair, is the perfect substitute for a couch if you are working with a small living space.  This faux-fur saucer chair is easy to fold up, transport on a whim, and is oh-so-comfortable to sit on.  Put it in your living room or bedroom to add an extra flair!

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