14 Super Cool DIY Backyard Furniture Projects

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Backyard furniture can be just as important as the furniture in your living room these days… after all, we have finally embraced the outdoors as another room on it’s own! Make sure your backyard space has furniture with a personality that tells a story about you and your family… Are you creative, adventurous, ingenious, or perhaps a little ‘uptown girl’? We have a great selection of super cool DIY backyard furniture projects that you can create for your garden!


1. First up is this lovely DIY chaise lounge project from ‘Build Something‘. If you are somewhat handy and have a short list of tools, you can do this! Love the look of this!


11 Super Cool DIY Backyard Furniture Projects

2. This DIY outdoor coffee table with 4 hidden side tables is simply brilliant! This project comes to us courtesy of ‘Saws On Skates‘ with free plans once again on ‘Build Something‘. This project will take a little more skill than some of the others in this post but the payoff is big!

11 Super Cool DIY Backyard Furniture Projects

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